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During the course of human history, a status quo mentality has been formed that limits the expansion of human beliefs and at times accomplishments, to only those things that can be detected by our five senses or confirmed in a scientific laboratory. Basically there are only two things that people believe that contradict this limitation.


One is a belief in an almighty creator (God) of the human race and the universe. The other is the emotions that human possess. Other than these two things, people tend to rely on the expertise of so called learned men to answer the most compelling questions of life. Everyone wants insurance to reach the afterlife. Where would the human race be today if men like Christopher Columbus, Galileo, the Wright brothers or the astronauts did not challenge the status quo? What if man quit expanding his knowledge when it was declared in the early 20th century by scientists, “that all knowledge that could be learned had been learned?” Is it all that impossible to imagine that the human race would still be living in caves?

As the human race progressed through the ages, other brave souls picked up the mantle of disbelief and challenged the status quo mentality. Each of these challenges was met with the same scorn and ridicule as in days past, until the naysayers were proven wrong. Today there is a new challenge that must be met. This new challenge, though, is not about human accomplishment, but about a universal awareness that is having an emotional and physical affect on thousands, if not millions, of human lives. I am talking about alien interaction on selected humans for, as yet, unknown reasons. more…

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The Universal Seduction


Right from the X-Files…except it’s all true. A collection of knowledge from experiences, researchers, ex-military, scientists & scholars, exposing all that has been suppressed from mankind for eons. From the new world order, aliens, mind control, mass control, covert operations to the DNA of the species, plus    continued…

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crop-circlesMothman Sighting in TN

It is not often that life with its ironic twists and turns affords an individual such a rare “once in a lifetime opportunity,” and even more rare for yet another sighting encounter, but that is exactly what transpired for me on May 16, 2008.

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