By Sandy Nichols

Whatever happened too the old fashion way of life
Like having dinner with the family every Sunday night,
Sitting around a fire singing those good ole songs,
And going to the drug store and getting nickel ice cream cones

Whatever happened to those Sunday drives when the week’s work was done,
And going to the park and playing with your children in the sun
Being out of gas in the middle of nowhere with your favorite date,
And the two of you trying to make up excuses as to why you were out so late

Whatever happened to those ball games down the street in that vacant lot,
And those sledding parties when it snowed and your mother would always say
“Put on another pair of socks.”
And that haunted house down the road that the Miller’s use to live in,
And your buddies would all bet you that if you didn’t sleep there one night
“You were chicken.”

Whatever happened to that old fashion way of life,
Has long been gone and passed away.