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This is from a hypnotherapy regression that I had some years ago. The hypnotherapist is a licensed psychologist and a very professional person. Even with that I myself find this particular regression to be one of the strangest and hard to believe myself that it could have really happened. However, the specific details make it hard to just reject outright.

At first I thought that perhaps I was only viewing the scene before me and that I myself was not actually really there. I was looking at the deck of a very large naval ship. From my viewpoint I could see far ahead of me and up in front the pointed end of the ship. There was a railing way up there and a walkway around it. I could see some sailors in their white uniforms walking up there. In front of me there were three men. My view was from their level but two of them were standing and one was sitting. My viewpoint was if I were sitting facing the two who were standing — one a thin tall dark-haired man whom I believe I may have seen before. He reminded me of the actor who starred in the TV series, “Jag”. The other man who was standing was short and stocky with a buzz blond haircut. That is what I call him, “Buzz”. He had some kind of naval NCO uniform on. I don’t know his rank. The other person was a young guy probably in his early 20s. He was sitting to my left and facing toward my southwest. At an angle like that. He was seated at some kind of monitor. He had on headphones and he was wearing a heavy plaid shirt. Presumably the season was winter or fall or early spring for him to be dressed so warmly.

Behind the guys who were standing was a low shelf. On the shelf was some kind of almost flat console like a small radio. The readout lights were also very much like those of a stereo. With lighted bars like some of them have. On the floor behind the guys were these metal canister type of cylinders. Very much like those you sometimes see in restaurants for the soda machines. The ones that have either carbonated water or flavored syrup in them. But these canisters had thin yellow tubing connecting some with the others. This place on the deck appeared to be sunken in kind of under the deck but it was open to the sky.

The young guy at the monitor was disturbed about something and he said something to the other two guys. They both looked concerned. Buzz looked straight in my direction and shouted at me, “You tell those alien bastards not to interfere!” It was only then that I realized that I was actually there and not just remote viewing the scene.

Then that scene faded and I was under the water. I was walking on the bottom with flippers on my feet and apparently in some kind of suit. I could see the little clouds of sand come up every time I took a step forward. Ahead of me was a kind of rock wall. In front of that was an underwater building. There were steps leading up to a door on the building. The steps were metal and had razor sharp edges. My flippers had ridges cut into the heels. These enabled the razor sharp edges to grab onto the bottom of the flippers and hold me down so I didn’t float up. I also had to walk up the steps in a special fashion. It was necessary to pull my feet one at a time back and then up and then forward to maneuver each step. If I tried walking up the steps like as if I were wearing shoes the front top of the flippers would have hit up under the next step and I would be prevented from stepping up. Also the design of the razor edges on the steps was similar to the design of fish scales.

I don’t remember the door to the building opening or how exactly I got in. I remembered a yellow tube that was shoved down my throat. And when they pulled it out, I threw up. Inside the building was a plywood floor with a few throw rugs in various places. There were three guys in there with three desks. They had family photos and potted plants to make it more liveable for them. On the desk that was on the far wall and to the left was a monitor. The background color of the monitor was dark green. On the monitor in light neon green were concentric odd shaped rings. I am presuming that the center of the screen was the location of the underwater building. And the concentric rings represented the contour of the bottom of the body of water there. One feature was probably the underwater rock wall that I had seen.

If the experience really happened I have determined that most likely it was a US naval operation to track UFOs using RADAR on the ship and to track USOs (Under Surface Objects — basically underwater UFOs) using SONAR in the underwater building.

I feel that the location was probably one of the great lakes and I am leaning toward it being Lake Superior.

Also if the experience was real then the order given to me by Buzz is somewhat disturbing and confusing. He looked directly at me and angrily shouted at me, “You tell those alien bastards not to interfere!” From this I can determine three things:

1)He believed that I can communicate with the aliens.
2)He believed that I am in regular contact with aliens.
3)He believed that I have some kind of influence with the aliens.

Like I said the regression has me wondering and doubting. But at the same time I don’t know why my mind would create such precise details like the method of walking up steps to an underwater building, etc. On my own I honestly would never even consider anything like that.

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