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The True Tomb of Moses in Redifim Rock, symbol of Strife in the desert of Meribah – NAME of FIRST BEAST is – POPE MESSIAH RESSURRECTED – He go stand up BODY of MOSES ( MOSHE )

The mystery of the kingdom of the beast, and its kingdom Globa of water.
In Revelation, 3:10, Jesus reveals to the Prophet, a global temptation that will prove to the world, and every human being, the great tribulation, notice Revelation 13:1 says the Beast rises from the sea, with the United 27 Nations, she is 28, here we have theResurrection of the BEAST, after the ecumenical movement in the Transatlantic, the ecumenical boat, WORLD symbol of the union of churches, consecration of the new Pope, the conclave of the Patriarchs, where it undergoes paying attention to death,falls into the sea, resurrects the waters and sanctifies the waters of the sea far below I wrote about this more clearly,The New POPE risen Messiah, resurrects, with blue eyes and the sea in Revelation 17: 1, speaks of the harlot who sits on many waters, and in Revelation 17:15 says that the waters are peoples, nations, crowds and languages , so the beast is sanctified in the waters, and sanctify the waters, and establishing a new global kingdom of the Waters of temptation, and do not receive asMessiah, Christ, lord, and God will be condemned. This kingdom is the synonym of the waters and consequence, temptation of the congregation against you, ROCK in the wilderness of Redifim Meribah, where is the Tomb of Moses. (What do you meanDrawn from Water)

God Bless ISRAEL – FOREVER – The Spiritual Vision of Future Apocalyptic and of End of Time.)

The sin of Moses, Deuteronomy – 32:48,49,50,51,52, here was a final judgment of God upon MOISES, that he would not enter the promised land, but spiritually, that ROCK strife, would be the tomb MOISES of, and charges and Enable the devil to take over the body of Moses. In the book of Exodus, 17:1,2,3,4,5,6,7 says about this great strife of the congregation that in verse 7, attempts against you saying, that God, or not in the middle of our congregation.
It may even be ironic, plus the name of Moses, that is Drawn from Water, coincidentally, also sins Moses, in matters involving water, and water has always been a symbol of something spiritual from the Principle, the Spirit of God hovered over the waters, Passage of the Hebrews at the Red Sea, a new path, leaving behind Pharaoh and his soldiers. If Great Satan through this Indictment against MOISES, had a right to possess the body of MOISES for which no other place he would take, except to ROCK Massah and Meribah in Exodus 17:6, the Lord says this about Mount Horeb, before Moises, but you asked that speak to the rock, as it did not hit, 20:5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 numbers, the wrath of Moses was violent, where the sentence of God , said he would not enter the Earth.

The Men of Apostasy of Faith of Jesus Christ – This is a Mason, and christian- The Secret od Spirit PHARAOH.
2Thessalonians2verses, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, here we see the man of apostasy in our time, but sin is the same as that of Moses in the Past, Spiritual Connection, man of God, which departs from the heart of the Lord, to be an instrument of Satan, to go find the body of moises, and stand by the power of sin, the spirit of Apostasy, in Dream I Saw the body of Moses, was in PLACE dark, which I understand is the ROCK / TOMB OF THE BODY of Moses in the wilderness of REdifim from the strife of Meribah, but he was on high Air, a 2 or 3 meters of height, lying as dead, but he was in high air about 2 or 3 meters of height means a Deep spiritual condition.

The True Tomb of Moses in Redifim Rock, symbol of Strife in the desert of Meribah.
The devil holds the body of Moses, that Moses by God’s Spirit and this is in Heaven with the Father, these waters as bilblia says, are the biggest brand name and symbol, spiritual, perpetuates a judgment of God, and it will be in future today, in an era in which technology advances and the man existed Robots, the body of Moses, is the perfect beginning of a work Evil, why this time the BEAST, HOLY MESSIAH risen, these are the Water, bitter, Temptation, Strife and unbelief of man against God. embodied in the Person Dead, Robotic Body of Moses, which will be found in Rock REdifim, The devil holds the body of Moses, that Moses by God’s Spirit and this is in Heaven with the Father, these waters as bilblia says, are the biggest brand name and symbol, spiritual, perpetuates a judgment of God, and it will be in future today, in an era in which technology advances and the man existed Robots, the body of Moses, is the perfect beginning of a work Evil, why this time the BEAST, HOLY MESSIAH risen, these are the Water, bitter, Temptation, Strife and unbelief of man against God. embodied in the Person Dead, Robotic Body of Moses, which will be found in Rock REdifim which is the secret hideout of Satan, which holds the body of Moses, as the dream I had where I saw the Body Floating spiritually elevated, a dark place dark, is the same desert rock where Moses sinned, there is his Tomb, in fact there were two sentences from God, that Moses did not enter the Promised Land, and the Devil, that there would be the Tomb of Moses, who actually died in the desert, but his spirit is his soul to God always.

Clones of robotic Beast and his Image LIVING DEATH. The POPE MESSIAH ROBOTIC of BODY MOSES ( MOSHE )
Beloved of God, and anointed Propetas and cry to God, Jeremiah 33:3, endeimento to have things in the future because they belong to God ubiquitous, and uniciente unipotente in Revelation 13: 14,15,16,17,18, tells us the image of the beast, which has the power to those who do not love, this image is the CLONE robotic beast of nations sent to countries around the world, such as robotic people, leading to the BEAST tecnlogia, to mark the people with their CHIP ROBOTIC TECHNOLOGICAL, these robotic CLONES of the beast, represented IDOLATRY technologically smart, and deadly with the laws of blasphemy BEAST resurrected Messiah, these CLONES robotics, will enter the mouth, the people already with serial number identification and communication that this life will have with the Beast and the obligation to worship and confess with your mouth the BEAST as Lord and God, as Christ, robotic CLENES These are the image and likeness of the First Beast revived, called PAPA resurrected Messiah, instituted by the Organization of United Nations and the World Council of Church with holy ecumenical irrevocable, immutable, incomparable and unique high Priest Most High in the land with unconditional universal supreme authority, as powers of sentencing to death anyone who oppose their robotic vivid images are their priests around the world.

Great Mistery Ocult Revetated of Dead PHARAOH of EXODUS MOSES – RAMITEK and your Return by Power Masons and Leaders of freemansonry your King on Spirit PHARAOH of Illumations Masonry.

DANGER – The Great FUTURE of MASONS in RAMITEK – A glorious new era of enlightened Masons, with the demonstration of the PHARAO Ramiteki Exodus of Moses – The Time of new power of freemasonry – New era of RA. The Spirit of the Pharaoh RAMITEK, will be discovered, and will make a reborn Exodus in the opposite direction, bringing the waters of the pyramid of Pharaoh RAMITEK all RA Sons of Light – which is the Archangel FAEL-RA, RA-PHAEL the most powerful angel on earth Lucufer , then the whole world will see the largest gathering of Masons – the enlightened world.

The Mystery and the Order of the Red Dragon of Revelation 4:5,6,7,8,9. The Revelations Secret of Devil .
The Almighty God, who can describe the wonders and revelations of thy works, Servants of God, Jeremiah 33:3, God’s servantsmeditate on the Great Red Dragon of Revelation 12:3,4 Red Dragon belong to the order Cherubic 4:5,6,7,8,9 animal apocalypse, where he speaks of the four animals where one is open wings of the eagle, would be the same as Exodus 19:4, where God says that it takes its people of Egypt with eagle Wings, this would Querubin Miguel de 12:7:8 that war with the Dragon, they were of the same order of God’s Throne, Cherubim Revelation 4:5,6,7,8 animals, 9, where the Red Dragon Traitor if He rebelled as the Order of Cherubim Animals became the Devil.

The Sign of the Beast – FRIENDSHIP – The PACT Hand.
The sign of the covenant of friendship with the Beast, will be the union of hands, a two-handed grip is theS ymbol of the beast and those who will be part of the BEAST FRIENDSHIP PACT for getting the chip in theirhands, this will be signified as a great chain of hands, uniting everyone who received the God POPE robot -resurrected Messiah, of the Waters on the day of Consecration World.People of God, watch out for signs the BEAST-robotics for the body of Moses, will imitate St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, RUSSIA more to say, will create a technology that will scare the whole world.

The Golden Crown of the BEAST-robotics.
The secret of the Crown of BEAST robotics in its crown will be the Morning Star,Jews mark receberamesta morning star which symbolizes his great resurrection, and also of their new temple, which shall be on the foreheads of the priests of the world will accept, and the symbol of the handshakethat means friendship and alliance and union, the current of the beast,

News Revelations of Prophecy in FUTURE of BEAST – The NAME of FIRST BEAST is – POPE MESSIAH RESSURRECTED – He go stand up BODY of MOSES ( MOSHE )This is Great Mistery of Apocalypse for END of TIME.

The Great vision Inacreditable of God,Thi is spiritually Real – for FUTURE of BEAST in End of TIME.

The Christian Ministry for the Evangelical Churches in the World, and the holy people of Jesus Christ.
The spiritual principles of the beast described in these revelations are divided into several specific points on the ground of the revelations areseparated by differentiated parts and deinking, but who demonstrate spiritual paths, the work of the Devil Across the sin of man, and give rise to enable the their crossbows, that will destroy the sinful humanityof this current century, in the book cunprimento Aposcalipse, which already has more than 2000 years.

The instrument of science – The God-POPE- Robotic – of Body MOSES, Science and Technology of the World. The POPE – Robotics, that science will create the world. The Beast in Robotics body of Moses (Moshe) will b e the triumph of ScienceWorld, he realizes the dream of every scientist in the world, as the conflict between science and religion will eventually resurrected the great Pope and Eternal will release all findings Science to the World, the BEAST Robotics in the body of Moses, and greater conspiracy of Science, by the scientists themselveswill design and send as his messenger to the world, the science of his greatcounter to raise their own religion POPE technological, for him to bless the technological breakthroughs of science, would manifest aa great mark of the beast and the word of God is fulfilled in Revelation.


The Revelations of Great Secret Spiritual of BODY ( MUMMY ) of MOSES (MOSHE) JEREMY 33:3.

The Robotization of MUMMY of Body MOSES (MOSHE)

For understanding spiritual of mens of God.
In the Book of Judas Vers: 1:9, in Bible, one before the Apocalypse, says that the archangel Michael did not dare utter judgement Offense against the devil, disputed when the body of Moses ( moshe )to reason in the book of Kings about the act of Saul, when Samuel was dead and he sought a necromancer who gets up Samuel from the dead.Understand who has understanding. This is First BEAST. ( Apocalypse 17 – Stand up of abism )is a pact of dead and Satan, for domination World, in U.N and Council World Church, he are Center of earth. avail IIcorinthians Vers 3 – 7,8,9,10,11, be wise and think that the devil would want the dead body of moises ( moshe ).

The Great Secret of spirit PHARAOH of Ocult of Exodus RAMITEK – The PHARAOH of WATERS.
God is wonderful , and reveals deep and hidden, guarded by forever and ever, God’s people understand the depth of our hearts at all fulfill Jeremiah: 33:3, now understand the mystery of RAMITEK PHARAOH, PHARAOH this was that chased Moses in the exodus from Egypt when God divided the waters of the great red sea, where the pursuing Egyptians died ISRAEL, but what was hidden is that Pharaoh also died in those waters of the red Sea, and was buried in the Pyramid Giza, CENTRAL, that’s right, the middle, and the archaeologists found amid the waters, because the waters Pharaoh died, so this buried along the waters, a memorial to his death, but when his grave is discovered, the Masonic – Illuminati, the Light of Ra will consecrate the Piramide and light, and become the first egicio Pharaonic temple in the world, the pyramid itself, and the world will be fascinated, this is the spiritual principle of the kingdom of the beast by the evangelical APOSTLE / Masonic, which will apostatize from the faith o f Jesus, will assume new spiritual conduct, is starting the Spirit of the RAMITEK possess, seek impetus to find the body of Moses, that this is the spirit of FARAO RAMITEK, who persecuted the EXODO and now back to pursue the body of Moses, and he will find, to be prepared for it.

The great dedication of the Temple Pyramid – The rebirth of the spirit of the Pharaoh – The presence and the Freemasons – Illuminati.
When desoberta the tomb of the great Pharaoh of Aguas Ramiteki, the Pharaoh of the exodus of Moses, in the middle Pyramid of Giza, the temple will be the New World of the Freemasons – Illuminati of light Ra – Ra-fael Archangel, as well as the Temple Jerusalem for the Jews, and Muslims for MECA, and the temple of POPE in ROME, the new temple will be lit against the central temple of the world Masons RA lit the lamp, then you are set, the new era of the pharaohs, and will be raised a great guardian of the Temple-pyramid, the sepulcher of Ramitek, and the Masons will manifest to the world, an extraordinary meeting in Egypt, the children of Ra, the Masons and consecrate and sanctify the temple-pyramid, it will step out the Spirit of Anti -Christ, to seek the body of Moses, because they have a connection with others, own the name Moses means drawn from the waters, and the spirit of the waters of the Pharaoh, Pharaoh RAMITEKi the most magnificent ever found, will raise the body Moses with robotic technology, with Head of dog, and reassemble ANUBIS, and all the technology dominirá human and robotic mark with the sign of the beast – Robotics.

The New Temple of the Spirit of the Pharaoh RAMITEK.
A glorious new era of enlightened Masons, RA – Ra-Fael Archangel, loyal subject of Lucifer on Earth.
The new Temple-Pyramid Tomb of the Pharaoh of Aguas RAMITEK, received an investment of Technologia high level of protection never seen before in the world and the principles of this technology, the technology will manifest the Beast – Anti-christ, Robotica, all because
the fascination of Freemasons worship of Pharaoh, that connects the world of the pyramid with technology Extra-Terrestrial, this spirit will become reality, for universal connectivity with piramyde, Central Base Technology of the Beast – Robotics – anti-christ who dominirá the world in support of Extra-terrestrial creatures, which is actually the origin of the ancient serpent, who walked in the garden of EDEN, the intent of Satan, deceived EVA, who will seek God, and will fulfill Jeremiah 33:3.
I wonder espirtually we are asleep, that God had a dream in whichhetold me of the endhas already begun, but no one noticedyet,anda few days later I had another dream down aladder from atomb in a pyramid of egypt Saying Ramitek Pharaoh, (the incredible fascination for those whoworship Pharaoh -the Masons of world, and then woke up, andunderstandingthat came to the heart,w hich wasa tomb ofaPharaoh’s unbelievable to be found, and itbecomesdesolate, andadmirers of thecult ofmysticism of Egypt and also the very Freemasonry that wors hipspyramids, tobelieve therevelation will beapharaohfoundbeneaththe waters, because his tomb is inside thepyramid in the water,he go ilmunitations are pyramids- The Pharaoh of w aters.butnotcompletelyunderstand what this meansanddeepconnectionwhichhasthe Beast, but I knowthat apostasyis already beginningin this bible that says we can not serve twomasters,can not serve God and Mammon,andmammon here isFreemasonry,very apostles and bishops and pastors to day involvedwithFreemasonry are also Grand Masters, which shows us that one daysuch division results in the choice of only one of the principle of SAUL, through the sin of 2Thessalonians2verses,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12The beast is raisedas an anti-Christ, the sin of an apostle of Jesus Christ,apostasy, in a vision I had the voice of theman who said he would drink all night and then wake up someone else and it would causehim to be a go the body of Moses, but he will go to Egypt, and tell you more hewill be called Name epitituals The POPE-MESSIAH-RESSURRECTED for all peoples of world by Body of MOSES in End of TIME.

The mark-Robotics is your TEMPLE on the foreheads of the people -The Mark of BEAST is TEMPLE.
Look book of Apocalypse 11:1 for understand, that the Almighty God of Grace who seek him with all my heart, as Jeremiah 33:3, for this I say, the mark-robotics in foreheads ( Frontier in Face) is the temple of your home, the Bible says that we are the Temple of God, hence theBEAST-ROBOT the body of Moses, will imitate God, and will put their foreheads on the temple of the People, whoare the temple of the beast, and will be connected to the temple of the beast, the sign on the forehead and should loves it, that all who receive this signal will be the Temple of the Housing Code of the secret Beast-ROBOT the body of Moses.

Beloved in Christ we must seek God very much, because it belongs tothe deepand secret, because the revelations show us the faithfulnessofGod,what isnow tells us the spiritual depth of whatwillbethespiritual events ofthe beast,for it will be baptized with the waters ofmarking the foreheadshisresurrection,he had called all thewaters,because hebelievedthat allwaters belong to you,Iwill explain, the wateris the principle in the book ofGenesis says that God’s Spirithovered over the waters , MosesinEgyptianmeans taken fromWaters,and RAMITEK I mention above, is thePharaoh of theWaters has yet beenfound, mostwill find it a pyramid, is whatis thefascination of theLight, LightandWater arethe spiritual principles ofBeastand to finalizethe Baptism of thebeast, Ifinallydenounce the devilthat will make it what it is – theWaterAuthorityDagon worshiped by the Philistines,thebeast isprobablyon a ship,had taken ashot ( Forehead ) ditching at sea, and rose again,symbolizing Baptism of Resurrection,whilebaptizing all the watersin theirblood making them exist,and imitatesthebaptismthatraisedJesus Christ,will be a great spectacle for the world.On the eighth day after the resurrection of the beast, all received theirbrand, this is th e blood ofcircumcision Beast, because all blood should be exposed, and the technology of DNA translated the blood of all peo ple,but this should come from the first Beast, in the future to identify the blood, thegreater will be the recognition of a person’s life and will also mean its alliance with the beast and the waters of his resurrection, blood and water are linked, and all the blood on the blood of the beast, then it will one blood curse of remission in the blood of death and resurrection of the beast.

God Bless ISRAEL – FOREVER – The Spiritual Vision of Future Apocalyptic and of End of Time.
Mens of God fight for truth of God – This is a spiritual directions of FUTURE Technology of Beast.

The form spiritual of Beast – The War Sacerdotal. Jeremy 33:3- The Great spirit of evil raised by the betrayal of Judas Scariots, for End of Time in Apocalypse.

Text in green is a new revelations, The CHIP Robotic of Intelligence Artificial is a Robotics Structure of BODY MOSES ( MOSHE in future Robotic of BEAST ) – Prophets of God,The a Memorial of Moses on Mount Nebo in Jordan, and few know it exists, is that it is the Crucified Serpent of Moses, but in fact no body knows exactly wherehis body is yet available on the Internet to GOOGLE Memorial ofMoses on Mount Nebo.This is a real spiritually.

The instrument of science – The God-POPE- Robotic – of Body MOSES, Science and Technology of the World. The POPE – Robotics, that science will create the world. The Beast in Robotics body of Moses (Moshe) will b e the triumph of ScienceWorld, he realizes the dream of every scientist in the world, as the conflict between science and religion will eventually resurrected the great Pope and Eternal will release all findings Science to the World, the BEAST Robotics in the body of Moses, and greater conspiracy of Science, by the scientists themselveswill design and send as his messenger to the world, the science of his greatcounter to raise their own religion POPE technological, for him to bless the technological breakthroughs of science, would manifest aa great mark of the beast and the word of God is fulfilled in Revelation.

The power of the beast of the body of Moses Robotics – The Transformation of Time.
Beloved in Christ, are we near the end, who else will be willing to seek God, and attain wisdom to build many, Jeremiah 33:3, wishes and concerns silentprophecy, the biggest excuse today is that the man has no more time for God,the devil has all the most time in the world to work, let’s see in Daniel 7:25 saysthat the abominable times will change, law and order the new time zone will be the BEAST of the Universal Time 50 hours, through the dynamic system of singletime, the global clock sets the Lord of Time, based on the unique THREE MONTHS90 days, regardless of day or night, the schedule will be the same for everyone in the world, the universal time establishes the balance of the beast to worship the Beast robotic body of Moses, exactly.

The Technology of ENTIES ANUBIS of END of TIME , The Technology egiptian DOG Anubis of Deads.
Anubis Electronic – Artificial intelligence – now understand men of God, is not complying with Jeremiah 33:3, will never understand, why this endimento, is given only by spiritual revelation, your theology is nothing you can do, Technology ANUBIS, the Head Dog, if technology will create robotic dogs with artificial intelligence, they speak, and develop apredendendo, imagine for example that even the relationship with a child may be the active principle of developing an autonomous technology, which no man ever will imagine, to the point of taking, acquiring shares of its independence, a high level of technological mind and perception, to get a human body an d other forms of identity which reflects the werewolf in sheep’s clothing, according to the BIBLE, entities controlled by Masonic servants of Pharaoh, until today, where the Egyptian pyramid of Pharaoh is the greatest symbol illuminati / Masonic, the Light of Ra, which is actually the Archangel Raphael, who is the lieutenant, faithful servant Rebellion and disobedience of Satan / Lucifer, and acts as its commander maximum in every land, and works by the Master Teacher of the Faith of Lucifer, the top Illuminati Grand Master, who is lord of the rings and the union of the Faiths of Religions of the earth, Satan and the Sorcerer leader, all powerful and effective World of Masonry, which may even be disguised as Orthodox Religious leader (a PATRIARCH).

The Mistery of The Power Blood of Beast The Mystery of the Blood, after the death and resurrection of the beast, there will be no atonement, nomore shedding of blood, for the healing of the beast will be blood in the Apocalypse says that men will seek death, and she had escaped them, that for the healing of the beast is within the blood, even ifsomeone gets hurt of death shall be no more blood spilled, it is as if the blood wasplastic, and wastrapped inside the body so that the deepest cut in the body of a person,do not bleed more, therefore I say that the beast will have power over the blood of people’s lives and dominated by the power of all lifeby the blood DNA technologies, the Beast will still atoning blood inside the body Robotic CHIP by people, without having to spill. Jeremiah 33:3.
The End of Time Revelatios to churches of God . The Great Mistery of Technology of Body (MOSES) .
Beloved Church of God, we need to seek God more, and their spiritual direction, this is a time of apostasy passive, where the interest of thehuman will prevails, ready to fulfill the word of God, the more I wonder weunderstand, the anointing of the Holy (Jesus), because what I write now isto seek understanding, Chip’s robotic beast, the First in Mind-Matrix of the Beast, something else will be linked to this chip that is controlling it, it does not COPM is a living will, or is the serpent, or a woman being objective, which also has a chip on hisROBOTIC Matrix Mind, a wise woman as Eve,deceived many men, more SNAKE that behind this woman is an alien entityor ET, this entity will be hidden, controlling everything, has theBible says, in the beginning when manipulated Eve to entice Adam to eat the Fruit of Doom,for this spiritual revelations of the Servants of God, say the day of the Rapture, will be seenseveral UFOs extraterrestrial spacecraft. Wisdomof them against the cunning of Satanstrategy. Jeremiah 33:3 Programming(Artificial Intelligence) Robotics to possess the body of Moses in thetechnological future of mankind, he ab sorbed and assumed allexistingidentities and DNA.The revelations lead us to a future oftechnological advances where the manifestation of the Beast will be done by robotic artificial intelligence engine, a programseeking an identity to bedressing up as many as many as he can in principle in the body of Moses, heabsorbed the identity of everyone and everything in them, and Know ledgein all its greed, he discerned between truth and lie and manipulate’ll knowand learn from theman himself, the most ever found the answer he most wants to further its program asks you to find and find the meaning of itsown robotic existence among men, or even without knowing what God isnever seen him play, you will find that it belongs to the human imagination, and defied all powerful and all the great names of the earth, seeking to confront you if something subject understanding and never ending quest.

The Strategy of the Devil – The future of humanity threatened by the host of Sin.
The purpose of this message, and prepare in advance an understanding withpeople suffice: to teach and train God’s people with wisdom in the future, because the machine – Robotics will wear the body of Moses, and it will rob the skin which is the image of a minister of God, a living person, a familiar face to fillthe gap in the history of the life of a priest, without anyone noticing, leading to the present day we have the wolf in sheep’s clothing, and make it clear that themy desire and that God’s people know, how wonderful our God is faithful anddoes not forsake His chosen before the show with great revelations to come in tomorrow unknown, so that the People of God is never surprised and seen as anignorant people without wisdom.

The DNA/Genome and Mark Nanotechlogy of BEAST in Future – Technology control of Genetics Body Human – 666.
People of God, it is time to prepare our understandings with the wisdom of God, for the kingdom of God is near, but to fulfill the word, the book of Revelation willbe manifestly, was in the BEAST, Nanotechnology Robotics genes (genome) will be ready to serve the Beast, while many think it is a single chip put in the right hand or forehead, the Technology Beast will be much deeper, from the development of a Nanotechnology Robotics Human Genome, which had calledbodies and nervous systems, blood, fully interacting with the human being’s life, ANanotechnology System-wise, to rewrite the genetic structure in one they believe to be the N ew Life, people who receive this technology NanotechnologyWill be carriers of the union the Beast, the new pope Risen Messiah, blessedthese things, then everyone who has believed in their own bodies the greatest security to live forever, disease, most are actually slaves of thePope and RisenMessiah will be forced to worship beast, by the Nanotechnology of the beast thatis within the body can kill these people, the robotic voice command of the beast that haspower over everything, and this great beast will come from the Sin ofEvangelical Apostasy of an Apostle who will rise to meet the body of Moses.
The Beast will have the power to convict and sentence for the sin of Blasphemy.
He accused those who have not confessed to blasphemy,and blasphemyin the Bible is asin to death, so he sentenced those who say Jesus,butthis beast is blasphemy, it is raisedby thesin of blasphemy andblasphemous receiving authority condemns thosewho notworship himand do not declareit with their ownmouths.theBiblesaysthatthepriestscondemned Jesus Christ to die forthe sin of blasphemy. The principle and the price of the sin of apostasy which is the thief of the faith of Jesus Christ, which shall be an apostle of evangelical Masonic, which is already scheduled to undergo the action of this spirit of apostasy and once fallen from the faith of Jesus Christ , will enable the move of the spirit of apostasy to use it to go after the body of Moses ( moshe ), which is stored until the present day by angel of evil for this purpose the end times, is even where the devil steal of apostasy the faith of Jesus Christ of Apostolic Evangelical Church, then there will be a spiritual act to an evil that will undertake against the faith of Jesus Christ, Christian people throughout the world and in every church, but this evil from the body moises will move independently to theOrthodox Patriarchate, to raise a POPE for a new order on the Catholic Pope, this evil existed for those who want to worship the faith of Jesus Christ to be adored by idolatry, to w hich comprise the same act of Saul when he sought the necromancer raise Samuel from the dead.

The great Mistery of CHIP ROBOTIC, He go standup and your understanding of Body Moses ( MOSHE ) in End Of Time in revolution technology of Men. Men of God, the gift of prophecy makes us stay ahead in time in visions andunderstandings, which puts God is omnipresent at all times and eras, he is, and noescapes from their knowledge almighty, imagine men of God, the consecrationthe new pope in the Boat(Ship) ecumenism being done at Sea, and this New Year, and this, Blessed Death suffered injury, falls into the sea and rose, this means that the time will stop, and she changed the times and the law as it says in Daniel, number 13, which sum will be the beginning of the beast to changing times, more than 8to circumcision, we are adding 13 +8 21 days being the same time as the prince of Greece resisted theDaniel’s prayers then will come to the CHIP IMPLEME NTATION Robotics Beast, beloved in the futurerobotic Chips up images of idolatry will speak and move, because that will raise the body of Moses will be aROBOTIC CHIP when they are designed to control members, someone else to be behind the control of the body of Moses, the more that God has not told me who isable to be a woman. (Snake)

The new System of Money Mark of the Beast will speak
Only God and wonderful and reveals deep and hidden from those who are yourbeloved ones in Christ Jesus know that the new system’s money mark of the beastwill speak, that even all heard the voice ofmoney MAMMONN entity in the new orderof Freemasonry financial world.

The Two Witnesses MARTYRS.
5:44,45,46 John, Jesus speaks out against those Pharisees, who did not receive, because of Moses, they were still waiting for Moses, interesting that for somenon-Jews Moses died on Mount Nebo, maybe some still wait for Moses, believing that he is alive, and that God will send Moses as the Messiah, that Satan usurpedby the dead body of Moses, see Exodus 7:1, to understand the manipulation of Satan, the Bible speaks of two Witnesses Apocalypse Martyrs, Enoch and Elijah that God snatched alive, these two will be sent back to Earth at the time of the beast, to give testimony in Israel.

The sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit of God, The spiritual Genocide of SECOND BEAST.
People of God in Jesus Christ, we must awaken our spiritual understanding to be directors of our beloved brothers in bad times, and consoled in times of distress and spiritual warfare against the cunning strategies of Satan, in the fulfillment of the book of Apocalypse, the Second Beast of the Apocalypse, will instantly kill millions of lives forever separated from the love of God, The Beast will Blasphemy, (SIN) AGAINST THE SPIRIT OF GOD, has the blood of Awareness Spiritual Death, in which there is forgiveness, that is The sin that God does not forgive, God is relentless against the sin against the Holy Spirit, declaring that they are guilty of Eternal Judgement, God does not forgive this sin. The World Science says that human beings do not use 100 % of your brain, do not use this same way 100% of our spiritual life with God, this beast will be sent a Satan in the power of hatred and spiritual death, to annihilate all human life without mercy, however covertly, be wise in the Word of God with understanding, a person who sins against the Holy Spirit is still alive but it is a DEAD / LIVE, this consciousness of sin. will cause the Beast, which comes from a black man CLONING MILLIONAIRE, use robotic technology the first beast, which comes from the body of Moses, to generate a new human being, its image and likeness of Sin of Blasphemy Against the Spirit Holy, putting everyone in a state of eternal wrath of God, which has no forgiveness.

The Second beast that rises from the earth, will come from the Clone of Man Black, Millionaire (a pact of Freemasonry, the spirit of Mammon) and it will turn into a white, and green eyes, and hair Plain Black, he become like Michael Jackson has become. ( no racism )This is a Revelations Spirituals for understand.
The Beast of Death Spiritual Awareness has the blood, and blood and soul he put into the body of people’s lives through the technology of the Mark of the Beast, his Body and Blood with the Spiritual Death of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit , making it all the same, the same shape of your sin, rejected by God forever, the Beast is the body (Temple) in Spiritual Death, a deeply Temple destroyed, as Jesus says that our body is the temple of the Spirit Holy One of God. The spiritual intelligent mind, this Beast is extremely malignant, and he has a hatred of Death Tough on the spiritual life, he knows perfectly what you are doing, in the eyes of God who sees everything, for those who receive the mark will also receive spiritual death, and there will be innocent, they are lost forever, here’s the Greatest of Trials of humanity.

The BEAST is the Great Secunda Espritual Weapon of Satan, to the End of Time, heis a Homicidal Suicidal, Bomb Man from Hell, which will blow your disgrace inMillions of Lives, by pure hatred of life, not that nobody wants more alive.

At the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit to Secunda BEAST committing spiritual suicide, then becomes a spiritual weapon of Satan to kill millions of lives throughSpiritualGenocide destroyer, this beast that comes from the cloning of the black man Millionaire, has understanding of Clone knowing this, the Beast clone an embryo (his flesh and blood) of itself in the body to develop it s people againstBalsfêmia curse of the Holy Spirit, to fulfill his plan to be one alliance curse ofblasphemy throughout living being,by which Jesus has already sacrificed himselfgiving his flesh and blood for us in this act to Secunda BEAST usurps veradeiro and copies the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, tocarry millions of lives to hell.
The Great Mistery of Transformation of BEAST Woman for Man – ( Gay – Homossesual ) The Abomination.
The second beast will be a female clone, more therapeutic role of Man, to be Gay, Homosexual, and deploy a male penis and assume all the characteristics and attitudes of man as man, it will generate and design of Spiritual Death Balsfemia against the Holy Spirit and be the mother and the father of sons of perdition, who received the embryo of your clone at Chip’s robotic image of the first Beast, which is a robotic system in the body of Moses. Beloved in Christ, our God is truly wonderful, and it belongs to the deep and hidden by ever and ever, I say this because, of the mysteries surrounding the manifestation of the beast, over the church of Christ to all know, the Lord’s faithful when God created man (Adam), took the woman (EVA) of man to man, but when God gave us the Beloved Son, Jesus Christ must take a man a woman, here are the creations of Science and the power of God, more satanic copy the things of God, and use the science of cloning, and man to finance his evil work to image the beasts.

Her name is religion, his personality mutate Sexual Women for Men – assuming the position of man.
I go back to start with Jeremiah 33:3, that the Almighty God make you become aware of all these things, this is somehowdeeply connected with Freemasonry, which gathers and dominates many religions in the world, many leaders, religious,Christian and sects are Masons, forming an inter-religious (interfaith) Faiths of multiple joints but Masonic dob the domain of Satan, the more I rejoice once more in the revelations and understanding of God, the Beast, who proceeds from the Clone(CLONE This means all faiths together -she is alliance.) of a woman leader, inter-religious group (Interfaith) the union of the faiths of the world religions, Example Site.: or, these sites have the congregation of the union of Religions for leadership of women, and a variety of them and the majority leadership of women.

Continuation of the wonders of God.
beloved of God, I urge you and I building, the wisdom of the revelations of God, The Beast is the name of religion, and religion and faith, and she thinks it is the center of Religions in APOCALYPSE Ver s.: 17-3.4 , 5.6, and 7, we see the symbolism of power, Satan is also Faith, Principle, and he is the lord of Faith misleading, perverted and seductive, this instrument of Satan’s false faith, this beast met the multiple religions of faiths that Satan dominates the world, against the Holiness faith and pure love of Jesus Christ, that is his church, which will not be part of the union of faith Anti-Christ, who met the religious faiths of the earth, to consecrate Robotics beast-the body of Moses, to establish the new POPE Risen, and you say the greatest of all these mysteries that PAPA-Robot is in appearance and in his presence a person (MAN) color Black, which I mention above at the beginning this Charter, more rejoice in God church, the glory of God the Father of All Faith – Almighty, who created the Principle firstborn and only begotten by the power of his will and desire to express the first wonderful fullness of creation, the Beloved Son , Jesus Christ, the firstborn of t he manifestation of the creation of the Faith of God, being made Lord of the Faith of the Father of Love, and worthy of participation,the firstborn of the manifestation of the creation of the Faith of God, being made Lord of the Faith of the Father of Love, and worthy to participate in all His creation, which are the heavens and the earth and the angels, and all of us and every creature wherever you are in heaven or on earth beneath the earth.The Hitler BLACK, WHITE transformed into Man, go blaspheme the Holy Spirit of God, the sin that has no forgiveness, for he will hate this life you have and the other lives, and will go to de stroy them spiritually, this is adestroyed spiritually. Matheus 12:32. He are President in United states , in Future Your Name is OWEN HAKIRYOS – For this he will copy his Genetica DNA, and transfer your malediction death spirituals to all those who receive the CHIP Robotic Money Universal, being the Principle and Alliance Sin spiritual death that has no forgiveness. it will be one in all and all it will be a beginni and end of immortal sin. This is eternal death, The New system Phone CELL CHIP Robotic is a technology of Beast for all human end of Time In future technological Robotics go traduction DNA and GENOME Genetics of all Humanity,in Real Time, by Satelite is a genetics control all life in WORLD, stand by and on-line conected.

The ZOOPHILE of ADAM – Son of the