Ron – © September 2011, 1

About thirteen years ago my youngest son who is seventeen now started complaining that his arm and leg hurt him and when I would ask him about how he hurt them he would say that the Doctor outside did this to him.Being a concerned parent I thought that maybe one of the neighborhood kids was playing rough with him or something so I watched for a few days to see if he was being mistreated by anybody to no avail.After this want on for about five or six days and on the night of the sixth day I was laying down to go to sleep and in the process of dozing off I thought I seen the moon through the clouds out of the corner of my eye but when i turned to look it was gone so I shut my eyes and started to sleep well in my minds eye I seen a point of light and the light looked as though it was moving towards me like a train tunnel with a train coming at me well as the point of light moved closer to me I could see that it was in the shape of a diamond and when it got to the point of hitting me in the face it was like some one or some thing ran a electrical charge through my body and it made me jump right up in my bed I immediately tried to wake my wife up she would not wake up no matter what I did I had the feeling that someone was in my house and I frantically ran around looking under beds looking in closets cupboards everywhere and found know one after I calmed down I was shocked to find that three hours had gone by from the time that I had laid down to where I was awoke by the electric shock it had seemed like I was only in bed for a few minutes.Two days later I was watching a TV show on extraterrestrials they happened to be showing what they call a grey and my son walked by and said look dad the doctor out side.He dont remember all this but I cant forget it has bothered me for all these years and just the other day we were doing some electrical work and we were using a circuit tester and when my son would put it to his leg it would light up.I dont have any memories of any abductions as a child but for some reason I have felt that i have been abducted too.I don’t let it consume my life but I have to tell ya it really douse bother me

Submitted By: Ron