By Sandy Nichols


Hey (Name withheld),

When you are talking about abductions and things that happen during abductions, it is good to have a sense of humor every once in a while in order to deal with them and to keep from going insane. This time though I must answer your question in a very serious manner.

Most all abductees are keenly aware that the beings are taking sperm from men and eggs from women for what is surely one purpose of creating hybrids; a cross breed between us and them. Later on in this e-mail I will share an experience I had that left me emotionally drained for an entire week after the beings let me see and touch two of my hybrid children. But first, I want to answer your question based upon my own personal experience and tell you about a bit of research I have done to find some answers to questions that I had about sperm extraction.

Before I go any further, however, I must share this. On numerous occasions, I have spoken with other abductees about this same subject which includes touching on some very personal details. Some abductees, but not all, have advised that I should not share this part of my experience because it is too personal. In order though to get a full understanding of the abduction experience and how these abductions have affected my life, then I must share even the most personal of subject matter in my search for answers. It is only by sharing in full that we will ever be able to fully understand and comprehend the true motive behind the abductions.

The beings have and still are taking my sperm, but the method changed a bit a few years back. Before 1993, they used to take my sperm using a tube-like device covering my penis. I called it the “Big Suck Machine” because basically it sucked my sperm out of me. This machine would give me one hell of an orgasm, but afterwards, I felt like I had been raped. Then in 1993, I had a vasectomy. Problem solved, right? No more sperm extractions? “Wrong!!!!!”

Now let me say that for several years after the vasectomy, I was not aware that the beings were still taking my sperm. I was still being abducted, still having weird experiments conducted on me both physically and emotionally, but for whatever reason, it never dawned on me that they were still taking my sperm. In hindsight, I guess I should have been more aware, because three months after my vasectomy, I began to experience some uncomfortable side effects from the new sperm extraction procedures. These side effects included a burning sensation in my crotch area that gave me reason to believe that my nerve endings were being affected, spots of blood every once in a while on the bed sheets and a sharp tenderness that affected one or the other of my two nuggets. These side effects would last for no more than three days, but during this time I would have to change from jockey to boxer shorts and avoid cool or cold water in the crotch area. These side effects would occur on a regular basis every three months, and luckily for me, I would only experience them on one side or the other.

At first I wrote all the side effects off to one answeror another; i.e., the blood came from an unnoticed small cut or scrape on my leg or arm; the tenderness from sleeping wrong and basically racking myself; and the burning sensation and the aversion to cool or cold water was just a side effect from the tenderness. I held on to these ludicrous explanations for several years until one fateful afternoon. I was heading out the door to the post office when I had a sudden and unexpected flashback. In an instant I knew the exact reason for what I was experiencing. It seemed the beings had devised a new method of sperm extraction. This new method consisted of inserting a needle-like device into one of my nuggets and extracting sperm this way. In order to try and alleviate any investigation on my part, they were alternating nuggets during each procedure. I was mortified at the thought that the beings were using that part of my body like a pin cushion. This procedure just increased my animosity by tenfold toward the beings where I believed that I was nothing more than a guinea pig for their dastardly medical experiments.

For sixth months I tried in vain to find other male abductees who had been subjected to the same procedure. It was for naught until one fateful night in an abduction support chat room. As usual, we were sharing our experiences when a new person entered the room. For 15 to 20 minutes, this person kept silent and then spoke. He stated that any abductee who claims that he or she had a bad experience with the beings were either liars or not abductees at all. This denial of basic understanding lasted for several minutes, and then I could hold my words no longer. I wrote in big cap letters, “Let them stick a needle in your nuts and see how it feels!!!!!!!” This shut this snert up, but then my friends in the chat room came at me with a barrage of questions. For reasons I knew not then or know not now, I had apparently not shared this experience with them. I then shared my experience withthese friends, and in the process was hoping that someone would step forth and confirm that they too had had this experience; but no such luck. The next afternoon I received an e-mail from someone with a screen name I did not recognize. In the Re: section of the e-mail was…”Similar experience as yours?” This caught my interest, and since it was an AOL screen name, I lookedup the profile and was surprised to see that it belonged to a major researcher of some 30 odd years. This researcher was and still is very well known in the ufology and alien abduction research field. He was a professor of astronomy, had written several popular books pertaining to alien abductions, and his books and research helped to generate major interest in the field in its infancy. His books were also a great catalyst which gave others courage to go public about their abduction experiences.

I read this gentleman’s e-mail with great interest. It contained verification that he was experiencing a similar sperm extraction procedure. He even went further in his e-mail by describing in medical terms the exact location of where the needles were being injected into the nuggets. Having no medical experience myself, I turned to my wife who is a nurse for help. We pulled out her medical books, studied the diagrams of the male reproduction system, compared them to the location of permanent needle marks on my right nugget, compared them to the medical language used by the gentleman, and the match was perfect in every detail. There was no doubt now that the beings were using the exact same medical procedures on at least two separate abductees for the sole purpose of sperm extraction.

Finding others who have had similar, if not exact experiences, lessens the uncertainty of knowing whether or not your experiences are real, and it takes a tremendous burden off an abductee.

A few months later I had the opportunity to be part of Whitely Strieber’s Abductees Speaker Panel at the Project Awareness Conference held at Cocoa Beach, Florida. Being a speaker enabled me to meet other abductees that I might not have normally had the pleasuring of meeting. On Saturday night of the conference, a group of us were sitting on the beach sky watching and sharing for several hours. During this time a young lady came over and introduced herself to me. She said that she enjoyed my talk, but that it was not what I had spoken of that drew her to me. She said that she, her husband, and some friends were just taking a stroll on the beach when she had this overwhelming urge to talk with me. She stated that she was not an abductee, but her husband was, and it was he who needed to talk to me. She said that her husband had had some experiences that were of a very personal nature and that somehow she knew that I had similar personal experiences. I immediately got up and went to her husband. At first the husband was reluctant to share with me. After a few minutes of reassurance from me that it was alright to share, he opened up. My first reaction to what he shared was one of surprise and amazement. Here, standing before me, was my second verification of the exact sperm extraction procedure. He, too, had had a vasectomy a few years ago, and his procedure began three months later. Over the next several months, I met several more men who shared with me that they, too, were having the same sperm extraction procedure.

There was one difference that set the aftermath of some of the others’ sperm extraction procedures apart from mine. I had asked if the procedure had affected their sex drive. Several stated that their sex drive had diminished, and at first, had caused a strain on their marriage. With some compromising, both partners came to middle ground and the strain was lessened. One gentleman said that it had not affected his sex drive at all, while two claimed that their sex drive had increased at an astounding rate.

By these other men verifying that the sperm extraction procedure was real for them, I could now concentrate on finding answers as to the effect it had on my own sex drive. Unlike the diminished sex drive, the procedure had just the opposite effect on me. One year after the vasectomy, and three sperm extractions later, I began to get as horny as a 16 year old high school kid. A few months later, I re-visited my urologist who hadperformed my vasectomy to find out if the vasectomy itself would cause a dramatic increase in my libido. I was assured that the increase was due solely to the psychological mentality that I could now have sex freely without the fear of getting a woman pregnant. I accepted this answer though it did not sit right with me. My sixth sense gut feeling was telling me that there was more to my increased libido than it just being merely a mental state. Several months later I posed a series of questions to several well respected urologists, and their answers provided me with enough information to formulate a theory about the increased libidos.

D is for the Doctor and S is me – Sandy

S…Start off by explaining the purpose for a vasectomy and how the procedure is done, please?

D…A vasectomy is really a simple procedure, and it is for the purpose of halting the flow of sperm. After a vasectomy, the male starts shooting blanks; that is, just seminal fluid and no sperm. The tube that carries the sperm is surgically cut and either tied off or cauterized at a specific point nearest each nugget. The male still produces sperm, but two things begin to happen. The production of sperm decreases but does not stop, and the remaining sperm is absorbed into the body.

S…How long does it take for the sperm levels to drop?

D…Everybody is different. It depends on metabolism and other factors.

With this in mind, I then could ask my hypothetical questions to the doctor, and I asked him if he could answer in layman terms.

Note: My questions below are the exact questions I asked. The doctor sometimes answered in medical jargon that was way over my head. I wrote down his answers in the best clarity and preciseness that I could in spite of my limited medical knowledge. I believe that I have done a well enough job, but if something is amiss, please inform me so I can make corrections.

S…What would happen if a hypodermic needle is inserted into the tube right below the surgical cut?

D…There would be pain if no anesthetic was used.

S…I understand that, but would there be any kind of pain or discomfort from the needle insertion afterwards…after the procedure?

D…There are many nerve endings in that area, so of course the area would be sensitive for a period of time afterwards. In fact the whole nugget might be sensitive.

S…Since the whole nugget probably would be sensitive, it would not be a good idea to wear say jockey-type underwear?

D…No. Wearing boxer shorts would be better, not as much skin contact, and silk boxers would be even better.

S…Would the nugget be overly sensitive to warm water when you take showers or say cold water if you went swimming?

D…Not warm water, but cold. The brain will interpret the warm water as soothing, while cold water will be interpreted as another shock to the system since the nerves have been agitated.

S…What about cold air or even cold bed sheets?

D…Yes! Nuggets are very delicate, and cold can have an immediate effect on them. One of the effects is when the body is cold, the nuggets draw up inside the male. This is a protective measure used by the body to try and keep the sperm warm. Too cold, and they die.

S…If a person has had a vasectomy, then what would be the purpose for inserting a hypodermic needle into the tube below where the cut was made?

D…The person inserting the needle could be sadistic, but in reality, to extract sperm. Sperm is in the tube as part of the natural bodily function. Sperm does not come out only when a male ejaculates. At times, sperm can come out when the person urinates, so for it to come out, it needs to travel up the tube from the nugget.

S…If a person used a hypodermic needle to extract sperm, wouldn’t it be better to insert the needle directly into the sperm producing area instead of into the tube?

D…I would not think so. Remember that the nuggets are very delicate and extremely sensitive. Inserting the needle directly into the nugget would be very, very painful…afterwards…and there would be no point when you could take sperm from the tube itself.

S…Am I correct in understanding that after a vasectomy that the sperm level drops and that the lower levels are absorbed into the body?


S…Let’s assume that a person is being subjected to the hypodermic needle procedure every three to four months for the purpose of extracting sperm after the person has had a vasectomy. In your opinion what would be the reason for alternating nuggets each time the procedure is done?

D…(Laugh) You are assuming a lot with this question. I assume it would be for the purpose of not putting to much undo stress on either nugget, and it would let each nugget keep producing a healthy number of sperm. Sperm is produced in both nuggets. The nuggets produce a tremendous amount of sperm in a very short time, into the hundreds of millions. And like the nuggets themselves, sperm are very delicate creatures. The wrong conditions, the wrong temperatures, they die off quickly. So, the more sperm a male releases into a woman, the more chance that a sperm will reach the egg and fertilize it.

S…With your answer you answered another one of my questions.

D…That’s good, what was it?

S…Alternating the nuggets…and undo stress.

S…I have heard that there is medical procedure that can reverse a vasectomy. Is this true, and if this is true, then if the sperm level has dropped, then will the sperm level increase once the procedure is reversed?

D…Yes and yes, and it depends. There is a medical procedure to reverse a vasectomy. The reason men have this procedure is to have more children. The sperm level will increase, and once again several factors are involved on whether or not the male can produce enough sperm to impregnate a woman.

S…Since I have asked some very assuming type questions, let me ask you another. Since the sperm level will increase after a reverse vasectomy, then, would it be possible for the person’s normal sperm level not to decrease if the hypodermic needle procedure is done soon after a vasectomy?

D…I don’t see why not if enough sperm is taken each time.

S…Okay…Now, if the sperm is not being extracted but every three to four months with the hypodermic needle procedure, would the person have a tendency to be hornier during these three to four month intervals if that person before the vasectomy had had ejaculations say every couple of weeks?

D…I have had a few patients call me a year or so after a vasectomy and ask the same question. I believe that the reason they are feeling hornier is because of freedom from knowing that they can’t get a woman pregnant anymore; a psychological mind set so-to-speak. Just because a person has had a vasectomy doesn’t mean that person can’t still get the excitement from an ejaculation. Everything that was being stimulated before is still being stimulated afterwards. Of course, if a male was not having sex on a fairly regular basis or masturbating before the vasectomy and he was getting horny all the time, and the same routine was occurring after the vasectomy, then he would still be getting horny. It is the psychological factor influenced through stimulation by one or all of the five senses that causes the body to want to react in a certain sexual way. Our sexual reaction is not the by product of our man made human environment, but in the way the human body was designed. The evolution of the human body is constantly changing in minute ways, and I shouldn’t say this, but I am a firm believer that religious taboos have changed the natural evolutionary process of the human body. Even masturbation is taboo with some religious denominations, and though masturbation is only a temporary relief for sexual frustration, it is a relief both physically and psychologically. Physical intercourse between a male and female satisfy the sexual urge for a much longer time. Add love to this equation, then the psychological satisfaction increases to the nth factor. Our emotions work hand in hand with our physical.

S…I understand about the psychological factor…I’m married and love my wife very much, but I am not sure about something dealing with a physical factor. Even if a male after he has had a vasectomy is having regular intercourse or masturbating, and the sperm extraction process is keeping the sperm level at the male normal level, then can these normal sperm level themselves result in a physical horniness? In other words, the male has a vasectomy, no sperm is coming out, the extraction process is keeping the sperm level up as if he never had the vasectomy in the first place…would this tend to increase the horniness?

D…I think I understand your question now…probably yes. Back when I was in high school there was a slang term used by boys called “Blue Balls.” Blue Balls was the result of a girl and boy parking or making out someplace and the girl would only let the guy go so far. More than likely the front of his pants probably would have been wet from all of the physical and psychological stimulation he was getting, and at sixteen it does not take much stimulation for a boy to get very excited. It is nature’s way for every boy to run in high sexual gear during his teen years. Since the boy was not going to experience an orgasm while with the girl, then the physical factor would come into play more than the psychological factor. Upon returning home if the boy did not masturbate, then the odds would be he would awaken the next morning with his nuggets hurting, i.e….”Blue Balls.” This effect would last for several hours or the whole day depending on how much the boy was stimulated the night before physically and psychologically. If for whatever reason the boy did not masturbate the next day, the pain in the nuggets would subside, but his horniness would increase. This horniness would gradually keep on increasing until he took care of the problem. I went to Catholic High School and back then masturbation was a sin. We were taught that relief from natural sexual urges, sperm release, would come about in two ways…through wet dreams at night or through urination. No way…

So it would not be inconceivable to believe that if sperm was being extracted through the hypodermic needle procedure, and that the sperm levels were at normal male levels, then a person could very well indeed feel hornier than what they would normally be. Since no stimulation was used to extract the sperm, then there could be some physical frustration involved between each extraction. If this is the case, then it seems that the body is being tricked into keeping the sperm level high. Thus the normal physical reaction in releasing sperm through intercourse, masturbation, wet dreams or urination would be hindered. At the same time the psychological factor involved would be affected as well since physical and psychological work hand in hand. Having intercourse or masturbation would still release fluid though, and some relief could be had but for only a short period of time. If such a medical procedure was being performed, I would be more concerned about the psychological frustration that would occur more so than the physical frustration.

S…One last question. Every question I asked was based on an assumption, and your answers were based on the assumption that the extraction process was indeed occurring. Would this hypodermic needle procedure be medically feasible to perform on a regular basis?

D…From a medical standpoint, “yes”, but from a personal opinion standpoint, “Why?”

Some of this closing story I did not share in my original e-mail, but I feel comfortable sharing more now…

After I had finished asking my questions, I was prepared to leave, but the doctor was very curious why I had proposed such questions in the first place. Back in 1998, I was still very leery of who I shared my abduction experiences with. I had confined most of my sharing with only other abductees or those with whom I felt would not ridicule me. For reasons unknown to me at the time, I decided to share with this doctor. He had answered my questions honestly, had shared some personal information with me, and I felt comfortable around him. I kept in mind that being a medical professional that he probably only believed for the most part those things that could be proven in a scientific way. When I started to share my abduction experiences with him, I was surprised that he seemed a bit fascinated by my story. He gave no indication that he thought that I had a serious psychological problem. He even complimented me in the way that I worded my questions to him, even though I had only basic medical knowledge. For over an hour, I continued to share with him, and being a doctor he was most intrigued by the medical procedure that the beings were performing on me, but also interested in how I had coped with the abductions. I told him that all someone had to do was to listen to other abductees, and they would see a pattern emerging that could not be contributed to mass hysteria, delusional rants or from every abductee lying about the same thing. I told him of abductees and researchers who have earned PhD’s, Master Degrees and others with stellar reputations that have done their homework and now believe that alien abductions are real. In the time we spent together, I shared everything that I thought important, and to my surprise he informed me that he would do some research of his own.

A few months later he called me, and said that he could not deny that something very strange was indeed occurring. He did not come straight out and say that alien abductions are real, but he said that from what he had learned in such a short time, he could not dismiss the possibility. He asked if I came across any information that I thought he might find useful if I would send it to him. I did. He also asked if I would not make his name public for obvious reasons, which I never had and I never will unless I get his permission to do so.

Not very long after sharing with this doctor I decided to go public all the way. I knew that in going public like this that I would subject myself to ridicule from various sources. A very good example of this ridicule came from an unexpected source, “Life Magazine.” In March 2000, Life ran as their cover story “UFOs and Aliens: Why do we believe?” I was one of the persons featured in the article, and I was slammed by the writer of the story “Cynthia Fox,” and portrayed as a spoiled, little rich kid with nothing better to do than to fantasize about UFOs and aliens. The slam hurt, but a 14-page rebuttal to the article generated more support for me, but more importantly for the subject matter, than the negative spin the writer put on the story. Over time I have gotten used to the slams from those who dare not question the status quo belief system, and who in essence are content to live their lives believing what someone else tells them to believe. If this is the way they want to live their lives, then so be it…but I feel sorry for them. There is so much more to life than what we have been told there is, and they are missing out on knowledge, mysteries, and adventures that they can’t even dare to dream about. Until they awaken from their sleep, I, along with others, will dream and sometimes even live our dreams.

Sandy Nichols