Michelle Guerin
Southern FL, USA

Coordinator for Bridges, a nationwide abduction support group which helps abductees get in touch with professional and qualified therapists as well as other abductees who’ve experienced similar events. She is also a moderator for an online abductees support group exclusively on AOL called Alien Experiencer Support (AES)

colleen-johnstonColleen Johnston
Eastern Mountains USA

Malevolent Alien Abduction and Paranormal research with a specialty in researching the growing problem of the UFO cult phenomenon. She also researches mind control techniques used with human / alien intervention within channeling groups.

Steve Nance
Midwest USA

Specializes in researching abduction & aerial phenomena as well as good UFO reporting and sighting documentation.

eve-lorgenEve Lorgen M.A.
Southern California USA

Eve is a researcher, author and counselor for experiencers of Anomalous trauma, which includes unusual experiences such as alien abduction, extraterrestrial visitations, spiritual warfare, near death experiences, military abductions and mind control, time travel, and unusual relationship interferences by alien beings or sorceries.

Eve has conducted research and counseling in Anomalous Trauma for nearly 20 years. Her degrees are in Biochemistry and Counseling Psychology with additional studies in oriental medicine, mysticism, shamanism, yoga and the martial arts. Early on in her work with abductees Eve realized that standard psychological and medical methods are incomplete in their treatment modalities. Abductees must take responsibility to expand their awareness, find mutual support with other abductees and take an active part in their healing and recovery process.

Eve has written numerous articles on the alien abduction phenomenon and published “The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships” and is a contributing author to the three volume Universal Seduction series by Angelico Tapestra. She has lectured publicly and appeared on many radio talk shows. Currently her focus is on methods of spiritual empowerment and awareness such as lucid dream work and meditation practice.

Jenny & John Hoppe
Sheboygan, WI USA

Tracking and documenting UFOs throughout the state of Wisconsin, as well as raising awareness to the UFO phenomena.

Dee Finney

Dee Finney is an experienced moderator of alien abduction/contactee groups. She collects information regarding alien experiences and counsels contactees worldwide via e-mail. Collects and publishes UFO sightings and photos on http://www.greatdreams.com/ufos.htm (UFOS and EXTRATERRESTRIALS) Joe Mason researches and analyzes crop circles and puts out articles about the various formations http://www.greatdreams.com/crpcirc.htm (CROP CIRCLES, THEIR MEANING AND CONNECTIONS TO DREAMS

Claudia Schloemp (C. Lee Finkle)
Northern Michigan

Writer and personal researcher for answers to the enigmatic phenomenon, of alien abduction. “I do not know if I am dreaming. My dreams can puncture my skin with sharp objects, bruise me, burn me and give me information I thought I could never dream on my own. Anyone else?”

Brian Vike (Yogi)
HBCC UFO Research
Box 1091
Houston, B.C.

Independent UFO Field Investigator Researcher and Owner and operator of HBCC UFO Research which is located in British Columbia. I investigate & research the UFO phenomena here in Canada. I also publish the Canadian Communicator which is a 36 page Journal on UFOs and other areas of the paranormal. HBCC UFO has set up a new Canada wide Toll Free UFO Hotline to gather & investigate new sighting reports from across our land.

Dave & Martin Cosnette & Andy Lloyd
United Kingdom

COSMIC CONSPIRACIES: One of the UK’s leading and biggest UFO website that was started in December 1999 after the Cosnette brothers encountered a huge triangular craft (one of many UFO and strange paranormal experiences that they have had since an early age). All three editors have investigated some of the most intriguing stories to come out in recent years. Such revelations as NASA’s involvement in engineering ‘Morphing Metals’ similar to those found at the Roswell crash in 1947 is just one of the exciting investigations that the team has revealed to the general public, not to mention the Chupacabras of South America and the Apollo cover-up. Regular contributors to the UK’s UFO Magazine and many other publications and TV shows around the World, their investigations continue to try and unravel the truth behind the Alien and UFO phenomenon. UFORCE International Director http://www.ufos-aliens.co.uk

Mike Rutherford
Telephone: 0208 507 0746
Barking, UK

My name is Michael Rutherford. I am UFO Researcher and Experiencer.

For the better part of my life, my interest in the UFO/Alien Experience phenomenon was more of an on the surface interest at best, but seven years ago I had a contact experience that had a profound effect on my life. You can also read about my experience on the ARG website.

In order to help others deal with their contact experiences, I am in the process of starting a support group for experiencers, abductees and other interested parties here in the UK. The main focus of the support group will of course be for support of those who have had contact experiences, but the group will not be limited to just this capacity. Valuable information on the confidential level dealing with all aspect of the UFO phenomenon will be shared among the attendee’s, and organized sky watches will play an integral part to better understand the phenomenon.

brent-raynesBrent Raynes
Tennessee, USA

Brent is UFO-paranormal researcher and Editor of “Alternate Perceptions Journal”.

Since early 1967, serious UFO researcher-investigator. Primary interest in UFO close encounters, contacts , abductions, and elements of the paranormal/spiritual. But also interested in haunted houses, ghostly/apparitional events, Bigfoot encounters, and Native American mysteries and spirituality. I have interviewed many witnesses and visited many encounter sites (and ancient sacred sites, plus participated in many Native American ceremonies)

Geoff Richardson
Yorkshire, UK

I have had an interest in UFOs since a childhood sighting (age 10) which was greatly stimulated by an absolutely convincing sighting in June 1996. My research tends to be general in nature but I am particularly interested in “triangular-shaped” craft such as those seen in the skies over Belgium and, of course, the events which came to known as The Phoenix Lights.

I set up the website “The WHY? Files” , a comprehensive overview of Ufology and associated subjects. This site has proved to be far more popular than we could ever have imagined.

I have authored a number of articles which have been published in EYE and Faster Than Light magazines.

I welcome any communications from other like minded people. www.thewhyfiles.net

Deborah Lindemann C.H.T.
Fort Collins, CO USA

Clinical-Medical Hypnotherapist and Founder of The Center for Extraordinary Explorations. Deborah has a private hypnotherapy practice in Fort Collins, Colorado. In addition to general hypnotherapy, Deborah has a dedicated interest in unusual and mystical experiences. Her research includes the experiences that have the power to transform us deeply and forever. These include: Extraterrestrial and Alien Contact, Reincarnation/Past Life Therapy, Out Of Body and Near Death Experiences (OBE’s and NDE’s), Angel Encounter Cases, Life After Death, Contact From the Other Side and Dreams. http://www.cfree.org

debbie-jordan-kaubleDebbie Jordan-Kauble
United States

Debbie Jordan-Kauble has been involved in UFO research for over 20 years. She is internationally known as the central figure, “Kathy Davis”, in Budd Hopkin’s best selling book, “Intruders, The Incredible Visitations at Copely Woods,” and 1992 CBS mini-series, “Intruders”. She is co-author, along with her sister, Kathy Mitchell, of the follow-up book, “Abducted, The Story of the Intruders Continues”, published in 1993 by Carroll and Graf, NY, NY. Her defining experience has withstood 20 years of scrutiny and still stands as one of the most important and rock solid case in the history of UFO abduction reports. She has devoted her energies to giving back some of the support she was so fortunate to have received while she was going through the process of recalling extraordinary events in her life. Her husband, Dave Kauble, has created an award winning website devoted to making as much paranormal and scientific research information as possible, available to anyone who wants to know. Deb has traveled all over the world, giving talks about her experiences and networking with researchers and fellow abductees. She has given dozens of radio and television interviews. She also counsels abductees who have experienced similar events in their lives and attempts to connect experiencer with researcher whenever possible. http://debshome.home.insightbb.com

nicky-molloyNicky Molloy
New Zealand

Writer and in former daily contact with local ETs for many years. Sometimes I still feel the presence of these human ETs helping me write, though I am not a channeler and recall working with them in the etheric world, after I wake. From my experiences, I think that there are many more good human aliens close to us than it would appear, acting maturely in their contact and tending to focus one on an ability to help the planet in a specific way, rather than as abductors. Often this help is instigated from the next dimension, even though many are physical, they have the ability to be conscious there also.http://www.angelfire.com/nm2/aona/index.html

andrew-hennesseyAndrew Hennessey

Andrew Hennessey is a Scottish based UFOlogist and contactee who specializes in the archaeological records that illustrate that the ET presence has been long term here despite the modern myths that have been created around 1947.

As a contactee he has received scientific information and his system of relativity is up at http://www.whale.to/b/hennessey_b1.html

His website is http://www.newstarparty.com

His recent additions to Ufology include the Zeta Earth Hospital hypothesis and the Stargate Edinburgh contact scenario discussed at: http://www.offtheplanet.blogspot.com

He is also a http://www.universalseduction.com author with a background in TV and radio work.

byron-lebeauByron LeBeau
New York USA

My life took a 90 degree turn in and around 2005, so I felt it necessary to update my previous biographies in the spirit of accuracy, based on one of my now favorite quotes:

“If in the last few years you haven’t discarded a major opinion or acquired a new one, check your pulse, you may be dead.”
Frank Gelett Burgess (1866-1951)

My other favorite quote had to do with what Albert Einstein had said…about not condemning something before we thoroughly investigate it; unfortunately, this takes TIME, and it took me about forty years of wandering through the rabbit holes of Ufology and the paranormal before I could make a proper determination on both! My subsequent co-authored book called, “THE CURS-ED NET,” then, became the linchpin of both quotes above.

My life’s journey unofficially started about 1966, when I decided that there was something to the UFO phenomenon that we were simply not being told about. While digging into the myriad number of books available, I also happened to become associated with the then retired Colonel, Colman Von Keviczky, who by 1970, and for the next twenty years or so, helped me to understand one part of this enigmatic phenomenon. He needed somebody to help him construct good English phraseology while he was drafting letters to Congressmen, Senators, and even Presidents of the United States in regard to the subject of unidentified Flying Objects, as the subject became known as. I was at the time an English teacher in the secondary school system in New York, so it was like a marriage made in heaven…of sorts, and I became that man of voluntary service!

I subsequently became an independent insurance broker, which allowed me to pursue this subject (and related subjects) because I felt that in order to really CRACK THIS NUT, I needed to become conversant with many different disciplines that might throw a mighty light on just what we were dealing with in Ufology. (The above-cited book then actually became the fruit of my many labors.)

These “labors” subsequently included some brushes with the paranormal, as well as with a phenomenon known as SYNCHRONICITY (by 1993), which played no little part in my ongoing search. In 2005, because I had been what would be framed as a point man for a local UFO group on Long Island, I was contacted by Greg Messina, who was doing a documentary regarding UFOs on LONG ISLAND, that would also include some paranormal activity that was also going on. In the course of this documentary, of which I had given Greg about six hours of recorded testimony, we had gotten to know one another quite well; he introduced me to another man by the name of Richard Stout, who was coincidentally also part of the same UFO group, but in another time frame, so our paths had never crossed. Greg changed that, and this casual meeting actually was the event that helped to trigger the 90 DEGREE TURN I spoke to in the beginning of this biographical report.

Richard was the one that really helped me (and Greg also) to understand the paranormal for what it was: demonic, which led me to not only put the final pieces together, but to see the whole of Ufology & the paranormal for what it was from my perspective: A FACADE FOR SATAN TO DECEIVE MANKIND AND LEAD HIM OR HER AWAY FROM THE TRUTH OF THE BIBLE!

As I pen these words, this is the long and short of what I finally found out, so that my forty years’ search was not in vain, but brought me to a fuller understanding and appreciation of the truth of what Jesus Christ died for, so that we may have life, and have it more abundantly.

This is the HEART of my biography; to get the myriad details thereof, go to the website, www.inspectorblebeau.pbwiki.com

To find more information on THE CURS-ED NET, plus radio interviews done by both Richard & myself, go to the website set-up for this by Greg Messina at: www.thecursednet.com