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Agony Desparation
Halloween I Challenged Love
My Body, My Barge - Award Winner! Rainbows
The Cemetery To Soar With An Angel
Two As One Whatever Happened Too...
English Dream Flying / Floating
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Back in the summer of 2002 I met a gentleman by the name of Bill Clark. His facial features were rough and ragged, but his eyes showed a gentle soul and wisdom learned from both good times and bad times. After sharing with him I learned that he wrote poetry. I would be remiss if I did not place five of his poems on this web site. I was very impressed by the simple wording and heartfelt meaning of each poem.

He had put together a little booklet of 10 of his poems that he sells for the low price of only $5.00. At the end of his poems, I am including Bill's mailing address in case you are as moved as I was in reading his poetry and would like to purchase his little booklet of 10 poems. I know that he has written other poems, and by this time he may even have another little booklet of his poems he is trying to sell.


Cherokee Woman Shadow in the Dark
What's In A Tear Black Rain
Lost Motel The Sands of Time