ARG’s (Alien Research Group) main goal will always be to try and locate qualified counselors and support groups for those who believe or know that they have been abducted. ARG will always offer this service free of charge. ARG recognizes the importance of a new universal awareness that is sweeping out the status quo mentality for a better and brighter future. With this in mind, ARG will not limit its investigations to just the UFO/alien abduction phenomena, but will also focus on a variety of other topics dealing with the paranormal realm. Any new information that ARG uncovers will never be concealed or held back. ARG believes that it is of the utmost importance for all relevant information to be disclosed when thoroughly investigated and verified. ARG though, in keeping with individual wishes, will respect the privacy of those people who wish to remain anonymous. ARG will never slam anybody whose theories, ideas and opinions differ from ARG. ARG welcomes the sharing of all information that will foster a better understanding of the universal wonders that wait to be discovered.