Well hello. It’s nice of you to take the time to read this. A lot of people who know me would find it strangely appropriate that a portion of a website on alien abduction has been shared with me and my work (writing), or maybe it’s just my imagination and people don’t really think I live in a land far from normal. Regardless of that, Sandy has asked that I tell you about my self; so here goes. For the record I should tell you that I often write the way most of us talk so some rules of grammar get tossed out the window.

I’m 55 years old and I was born and raised in Iowa. When my youngest son went off to college last August I left the state for a couple of reasons; but the main one was to give both my college aged sons the space to develop and fly on their own. By fly I mean become independent. My last instructions to them were to thrive, and so far both of them are flapping their wings off.

I started writing in high school, and like a lot of people put my interest in that aside for a lot of years as I dealt with work and survival. About 5 years ago I went back to college and was originally going to study business and computers. I was doing fine in my course work and no offense to any business men or women out there, but I found it boring. About four years ago some friends talked me into submitting some poems to a publisher, and I did so and those were accepted for publication.

I arranged a poetry reading on City Island in the Bronx even before that book was published, and followed that reading with another reading at a Barnes and Noble in Yonkers, NY just after the book was released. Between those readings I finished and submitted another short novella (fantasy) to the same publisher and it was subsequently accepted for publication. The rights to both those books were just recently “returned” to me.

I was still in college and raising two or more teenage boys (depending on how many showed up for dinner or spent the night) and I focused my writing efforts on paying freelance jobs during that time period; including some ghostwriting contracts (2), writing trivia questions for an international website, a chapter in a book Writer Profits: How I Got the Gig, Volume I – 15, and several articles in various periodicals.

Now with the boys safely off to college, and I finally settled on a mountainside in West Virginia I am ready to focus full time on writing. Sandy was kind enough to offer me this spot to showcase some of my work. The work I do for myself is mostly light fantasy/fiction, fantasy, poetry, and literary nonfiction, and I have a cookbook nearly completed; and samples of all those genres will be provided here. I’ve also studied screenplay writing, business writing and technical writing.

When I’m not working on writing I sketch and paint anything from faces to murals.

I am available for work, and will quote my rates based on specific projects. If you have questions or would just like to comment on my work please feel free to contact me at the address listed.

Other than that; put your feet up, relax, and just enjoy the musings of my mind.

Marie’s Resume (PDF)