Is it possible to believe that intelligent life has been around much longer than human life? Intelligent life is all around us, whether you believe it or not. Unlike these beings, we do not live forever and have personal struggles in life each and every day. In addition, we need insurance coverage to protect us financially. As a Florida resident, it is important that you purchase a policy. However, finding top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida should be first on your list.

Are you searching for top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida? We have what you are looking for right here. Keep reading to learn about these companies and how to compare rates in your area. Most major companies do not write policies in Florida. It is crucial that you review each of these companies and grab quotes.

Here are four top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida according to Remember there are other companies to choose from if these do not fit your needs. The four best companies are Citizens Property Insurance, Universal Property & Casualty, Florida Peninsula Insurance Company, and Tower Hill Insurance Group. Let’s review each of these companies.

Citizens Property Insurance

Citizen’s Property Insurance was formed to provide FL residents who can’t find private coverage with a policy. Citizens Property is a top choice for residents. this is mainly due to their high customer ratings. Citizens can also provide discounts on your policy premiums which also includes discounts for complying with Florida Building Codes. This includes fire alarms, burglar alarms, and impact resistant windows.

Universal Property & Casualty

Universal Property & Casualty is another great company. This company does not have a strong online presence like other companies. That doesn’t mean you should rule this company out though. To make up for that, Universal Property and Casualty offers some of the lowest rates. In fact, they can provide premiums that are up to $400 dollars less than the state average. Universal also takes great pride in their superior customer service.

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company is a Florida home insurance provider. It is also among the top 10 local carriers. They boast experience in handling hurricane claims. In fact, its what they do best. Policyholders can also file claims by phone and online which is a nice addition for a local carrier. This company does not cover every city in Florida, be sure to check if they provide coverage in your area.

Tower Hill

Tower Hill Insurance is another great choice for top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida. Tower Hill is the second largest insurance provider in the state of Florida. They can provide some of the best services. This includes coverage for water, sewer, valuables, and even identity theft. This company can also provide its own flood insurance. This company can also provide affordable rates. Not only is this company affordable it is reliable as well.

You have several things to keep in mind before you talk to homeowners insurance companies in FL listed at If you don’t understand something, be sure you speak with a professional before you sign any documents. That way you can get the right policy that meets your needs.