Alien Research Group: Alien Research Group (ARG) is a confidential alien abduction referral service founded by Sandy Nichols, based in Tennessee. There are abduction articles, drawings and photographic anomalies dealing with alien abduction and other paranormal phenomenon.


Barbelo: C. Lee Finkle is the author of BEASTS, a fictional work (see Good Fiction Reads). She has also written short stories; “DRIVEN”, published in Yellow Sticky Notes Magazine in 1999: “Ninth Hour Of Any Sunday Night”, published at Story House online, and her interview with prolific author Arthur Myers; published in Yellow Sticky Notes Magazine in 2000, and won an honorable mention award with Writer’s Digest Magazine in 1991.


Sands Of Time: Michelle Guerin is Coordinator for Bridges, a nationwide abduction support group which helps abductees get in touch with professional and qualified therapists as well as other abductees who’ve experienced similar events. Sands of time reveals dealings with reptilian abductions and the Montauk Project.


MAAR: Both Colleen Johnston along with fellow contributor and researcher Steve Nance have created Malevolent Alien Abduction Research website with Colleen’s specialty in researching the growing problem of the UFO cult channeling phenomenon. She also researches mind control techniques used with human / alien intervention within channeling groups.

Steve specializes in researching abduction phenomena as well as good UFO reporting and sighting documentation.


World of the Strange: Weekly Newsletter – Distributed by Louise A. Lowry consists of a variety of anomalous events or the A to Z of high strangeness.