By Marie Ellen Pacha

home of my dreams.

Where all is illusion,
and not what it seems.

Pull us together,
from what was apart.

Bind us with laughter,
hold us to heart.

From the top of the belfry,
to the depths of the moat.

Keep all our spirits,
firmly afloat.

From the depths of the closet,
where we face the unknown.

To the streets in our hamlet,
where friendships have grown.

Here in this lost world,
I still have a place…

Without question of species,
or religion, or race.

And Elvis and Buddy,
can live in my mind…

‘Cause the shape of a memory,
is ne’er left behind.

So come to Ewetopia,
we’ll walk hand in hand.

In a land born of laughter,
our own never land.