This section contains  Sandy’s personal artwork as well as submissions from other abductees.



The Device

Alien device used to show disaster images in the mind during an abuduction in 1994. The girl is not me, but is a friend whom I met well after I did the drawing!





Gulf Breeze Reptilian

Creature seen during an abduction in Gulf Breeze, FL in 1982





Reptilian or Demonic?

A reptoid demon like creature that appeared with several others frequently in 1978





The Hallway

S-curved hallway of alien craft seen in 1994



t-74Drawing by Child

Sandy Nichols comments: “I investigated a case involving a 5 year old boy in East Tennessee, who is apparently being abducted. The drawing represents a creature on a ship that he said he had seen on a craft. This drawing is exactly the same as the one I received from a mother of a 5 year old girl from that Pacific Northwest, that is being abducted. Besides abductions, the boy also talks about a past life he lived, and which I have verified details about as being real with county records. And if this wasn’t enough, the entire family is experiencing ghost activities, which I happened to experienced myself on one occasion while interviewing the family.”