By Sandy Nichols

Blown by the winds of uncertainty,
The night grows cold and dark,
Eyes are watered by memories that never came to pass,
Unfulfilled dreams that stir thoughts of those things
That died long ago,
A shadow of a fool on Life’s grand stage,
The specter of a ghost that slowly fades from sight,
Haunted lonely echoes of once grand schemes,
Carries the heart away to some forgotten land,

Yesterday is gone,
Today is now,
But what memories were created to carry into the
Dark gloomy skies,
The welcome mat of failure,
A cold rain that fall’s,
An overcoat of lost desire,
Walking the streets,
A lost child without a home,
Lonely footsteps that tread down a desolate path,
Barren fruit trees with no blooms,
Not an end in sight,

A tortured soul,
A spirit that cries out in pain,
Silent screams of desperation that are never heard,
Solitude a constant friend,
Trying to savor the sweet taste of hope,
Tears that are cried in the pouring rain,
But not a difference can be seen.