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Hello! I’m a 42 yr old business professional who has had telepathic communication off and on with one or more groups or alen beings for the past 14 yrs. There mission is to help me and others become more aware of there existence and guide us to a more productive, positive life. We are being prepared for a higher purpose in our ever changing Universe. My most recent communications have been with the Pleiades. There goal is to provide me with an inner strength and broader knowledge in order to maximize my potential in this life and the new world that we will soon be living in. They will also help guide me on an assignment that was given to me by another group of beings. I will begin to start up an organization to help people in our communities through education and awareness the needs of the mentally ill. The Pleiades and others are concerned about the mental health of our world and have put into place people to help move individuals with mental health issues to a more peaceful way of being. In order to do this our governments must move funding back into the Mental Health system. I have been chosen to lead this mission and currently I’m working with a few people in our Mental Health system to start moving this mission forward. It is critical to our whole being to bring these individuals to a more peaceful state of thinking. In order for mankind and the Universe to move positively forward we must all join together and help everyone in our communities become a more positive thinking being. This in turn will bring all humans to the next level of evolution.

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