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The Universal Seduction, Volume 3
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"The Universal Seduction, Volume 3" - © 2003

Sandy Nichols contributed the chapter, "ILLUSIONAL FANTASIES AND ILLUSIONAL REALITIES" to Volume 3 of The Universal Seduction book series.

Right from the X-Files...except it's all true. A collection of knowledge from experiences, researchers, ex-military, scientists & scholars, exposing all that has been suppressed from mankind for eons. From the new world order, aliens, mind control, mass control, covert operations to the DNA of the species, plus Black Ops technology, "Real Secret Shadow Gov't", FEMA, UFOs/ETs/Abductees, "Real Men In Black", crop circles, alternative sciences/realities, time travel, Mars Colony, whistle blowers, out of body experiences, guardian angels...nothing is left untouched.

Different Child
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"Different Child" - © 2001
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Sandy Nichols became involved with UFO and abduction research when repressed memories of his abductions began to surface in 1996. In 1998, he formed ARG (Alien Research Group), a free service, which specializes in finding support group and counseling for others who have been abducted. He has shared his own personal abduction story in a variety of media formats, including TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and conferences.

Different Child weaves a personal story of the trials and tribulations associated with Sandy's lifelong abductions. He relates the difficulties he encountered in overcoming status quo beliefs, the unexpected support from four strangers, his courage to seek professional help and the benefits derived from undergoing hypnosis. Sandy shares some of his most emotional and traumatic abduction experiences, as well as some from his closet friends.