Sherri Visele – © 2009, 10

This is the third time I have seen what I am about to mention, I was walking my dogs as i do everyday and every evening fown my long wooded driveway, Off to my left, clear as day, no way to explain it, I seen a large sized round light, (Orb or what have you0 the size of a basket ball. I have seen this myself on two other occasions on my 6 acres of property here in Southern Maryland. All three times were in a wooded area at night. I think one of my three dogs, Samantha saw it as well. I dont know, but she stopped dead in her tracks, and I loked over to see why, and thats is when I saw it. 2 of my teenage sons have told me in the past hey too have seen something bvery similar if not the same.

Submitted By: Sherri Visele