Tony Pratt – © 2004

When Life magazine’s Cynthia Fox, was assigned to the UFO “vortex” field story she evidently had the story
written before ever visiting Middle Tennessee. Not only did the piece try to paint the people involved as
barefoot hicks drinking moonshine looking at the sky laid out on the blacktop, but failed to mention the
video evidence she and the Life photographers were shown. The Life photographers also viewed the footage and commented that they had no possible explanation that could account for the craft-like objects in the footage, not to mention the energy Beam.

They believed something anomalous and inexplicable was present on the video. Cynthia made no comment one way or another when she viewed the footage twice, once at the home of Sandy Nichols in Brentwood, Tennessee and again at the secret “vortex” field area. She pooh-poohed the entire idea of the authenticity of UFO’s in her article without ever discussing the video footage she was shown.

The beam footage will be available in April along with the 9-11-2001 tapes which were filmed after all air-traffic was supposedly ceased nationwide. It includes a rocket like object replete with afterburner, 6 military craft dumping a white substance that descends like a curtain over the sky, literally dozens of beam craft, a fleet of black and white cylindrical craft flying in formation, the world’s largest rod which passes behind a 747 jet aircraft’s dual contrails in 2 frames (the jet crosses in 108 frames) which is 30-40 times larger than the jet, interdimensional craft that appear and disappear in a clear blue sky as if slipping behind an invisible wall and many more anomalous craft.

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Submitted By: Tony Pratt