Below are some reports from various people around the world, including some of Sandy’s own personal experiences, who have shared their own anomalous phenomenon experiences.

An anomalous phenomenon is an observed event which deviates from what is expected (an anomaly) according to existing rules or scientific theory. Sometimes the anomalous phenomenon is expected, but the reason for the deviation is unclear. The scientific study of the field is called anomalistics. Some skeptics have also associated the field with pseudoscience. – from

Preying Mantis Experience

I live in a small town on the outskirts of London. This happened to me in April 2001, I cant recall the day or date, because for a long time I tried to deny to myself it ever happen. I woke up at about 2.30 in the morning to find a tall preying mantis looking being and a cloaked being by the side of my bed. I thought to myself "what crazy dream is this?" The cloaked being looked at me from beneath its hood, revealing its black skin, which appeared leathery and reflecting light much like a beetles skin. I shut my eyes, thinking this must be a realistic dream! But when I re-opened my eyes, the figures are unfortunately still there. The cloaked figure looked up to the tall preying mantis type, as if it was confused as to what actions it should take next. The preying mantis turned its head towards the hooded one and made a series of high-pitched clicking sounds. I sensed this was the one in command, possibly the other was some kind of security guard. Its at this point I realized, I'm definitely not dreaming, I could hear them. I couldn't move but ...
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Sandy’s Personal UFO Sighting

There is no doubt that sightings are increasing at an astounding rate... I even had one in August. I did not report it though. I have been waiting to see if someone else reports something similar. They haven't... Being an abductee I know what the inside and outside of an ET Craft looks like, but as for your typical UFO sightings I have had only two, and this one being my second... It was Aug. 27, 2003 here in South Florida where I live in Miramar (a few miles north of Miami). About 9pm I walked outside onto the verandah off the 2nd floor bedroom to smoke a cig. This verandah along with the back of my home faces due west. My neighborhood is the last one on the left off of Miramar Pkwy. Just past my neighborhood going west is a state wildlife area for about 2 or 3 miles (I can walk from my home to the start of this wildlife area in about 10 minutes max), then there is a 4 lane divided road (Hwy 27), then there is the start of the federally protected Everglades. Keep going west from my home, through the Everglades and you ...
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Hot Springs, Arkansas: Crystal Digging

When I was a young child around the age of 10, my parents bought me a crystal radio kit that you build on your own. I was delighted to be given such a gift, though I knew absolutely nothing about how radios worked. As my father helped me build it, he would explain to me how radio waves were transmitted through the air and how my little device worked to pick up these radio waves. I was very appreciative of my dad's help and sharing his knowledge with me, but for some strange reason I was more enthralled by the crystal aspect of it. After doing some research at the local library I learned that the crystal substance found in the antenna and the detector were actually called "galena." Galena is a form of crystals that scientist found could be used as a semiconductor in the earliest of radios to help pull in weak radio wave signals without an amplifier. A crystal detector was then used to convert the radio wave electricity back into sound wave electricity which then could be heard through a set of earphones. A crystal radio worked best picking up signals in the AM and Shortwave ...
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Sandy’s Afternoon UFO Sighting: Thompsons Station

It was Thursday afternoon September 11, 2008. There were clouds in the sky of various sizes, shapes and at various elevations. I live in the country, and I was returning home from running some errands. I was about to turn left (east) off of the main circular road in my neighborhood onto my street which is a cull-de-sac with my home at the end on the left. The beginning of my street is a slightly higher elevation than at the end of the cull-de-sac, about 400 yards distance. My home is the only home on the street, and the lots in the neighborhood range in size from 2.1 acres and up. At the end of my street there are two white fence lines running south to north which is a horse riding trail, and right past the last fence is a tree line that also runs south to north and borders a farm. It was about two seconds before I actually turned left that I noticed an object in the south east flying south to north. I had a perfect line of sight view, because from my elevated position the object was above the tree line and below the clouds ...
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A Glowing and Moving Orb, A Witches Howl, 101st Airborne Soldiers

Up front I must say that I was not a witness to the event I am about to share. I am however the father and father-in-law of two of the witnesses, as well as knowing the other witnesses. It is also important at this time for me to state that I have the utmost respect and admiration for all of the witnesses involved, and believe every word that they shared with me of their experience. Half of the guests arriving that summer night in 2005 with their wives and girlfriends for a cookout only wanted to enjoy the evening with good friends and relax. They were war weary, veteran soldiers of the 101st Airborne out of Ft. Campbell, KY, having returned stateside a few weeks earlier from a tour of duty in Iraqi and soon to be redeployed again in 2006. Their hosts for the evening were my daughter, Theresa, and her fiancé and soon to be husband Bryan, also a veteran of the Iraqi war and still in active reserve. Nobody had a clue when the cookout began that a few hours later they would have a strange experience that would create an air of apprehension and leave them ...
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