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I had completed my microbiology in Indian top most university, in India. have very interested to aliens research, my research topic was aliens were carrying the dangerous viruses another planet to earth,(and asteroids also carrying the dangerous viruses another planet to earth),since 4 years my research is working.

I saw a unwanted flying object,but not now,6 years back,that time i started my research work,

I think some unidentified diseases was in the earth,proof is some village people was suddenly causing death,these people was very healthy,but dead,why? some unidentified organism was attacking to humans,(aliens carrying organisms)our microbial tests or other tests were not identified the that type of organisms,so our research experiments and equipments were modified and advanced,that time only we can identified the unidentified organism or unidentified diseases.and also research sincerely.till i continue my research be continued…….

Submitted By: vivekanandareddy