By Sandy Nichols

I sat for days in agony on end not knowing what the future held,
And cried a thousand tears in the darkness of the night
When no one else was around,
I kept my suffering to myself in the silence of the night
Still clutching on to dreams I held
That no one seemed to understand

I questioned my own resolve to do the things I must,
And let the demons of doubt tear at my very soul,
I let my heart grow vengeful
So that one day I could gloat,
And show the ones that doubted me
What I could really do

I also sat in fear
That what if I should fail,
Would I be able to look them straight ahead and say
“I’ll try again.”

I agonized for many days as I have said before,
And probably will for many more before my work is done
But work I must
And work I will,
But not to prove to them,
But to myself,
Myself alone,
That my dreams are real