The status quo mentality insists that alien abductions are either the ravings of a deluded mind, someone looking for attention, false memory syndrome caused by sexual abuse when the person was a child or just ordinary dreams induced by sleep paralysis. According to human reasoning, abductions by alien beings cannot be possible for a number of other reasons as well. The distances that must be traveled between other possible inhabited planets are far too great. Science tells us for life to exist on other planets, it must be a carbon based life form as on earth. The age of the planet has a direct bearing as well. To have the technological means to travel the great distances, these other intelligent life forms would have had to have been around for millions of years longer than life has existed on earth. And whether or not people want to believe it or not, religious beliefs as well have a huge influence on the status quo mentality. Religious scholars are quick to point out that the connection between humans and God is so special and divine, that God limited His creative powers to intelligent life to earth. They point out that the vast universe that we know so little of was created just for us to wonder and marvel about. By anybody’s standards this fact alone would elicit a condemnation for being “totally selfish” if it dealt with any other subject besides religious beliefs.

Putting away scientific egos and religious beliefs, is it that hard to imagine that mathematical probability alone should dictate that intelligent life exists elsewhere, and that other intelligent life has been around much longer than human life? Even if mathematical probability were wrong, then with human knowledge and accomplishments right now, there is a tremendous amount of wasted space that lies before us.

When the memories of my abductions began to resurface and I could no longer dismiss the effect that they had had on my life, I began a search for answers to seemingly impossible questions. This search led me to form ARG (Alien Research Group) during the summer of 1998. ARG helps in locating qualified counselors and support groups for those who believe or know that they have been abducted. This is and will always be a free service.

In late 2001, my first book, “Different Child,” was published by Write To Print. My purpose in writing “Different Child” was to relate the difficulties I had in dealing with and accepting that I was an abductee. The first three chapters contain brief overviews of the general UFO/alien subject matter, a strange early experience, a personal view of the human belief system and a questionnaire of indicators of possible alien abductions. Chapters 4 through 11 deal with how I managed to deal with my abduction experiences through hypnosis, meditations, and sharing with others. Chapter 12 contains brief descriptions of “Alternate Beliefs.” Chapters 13 through 16 contain personal stories graciously submitted by my friends from around the world. Chapter 17 includes web site URLs, search engines and some of the favorite books that I have read in an attempt to help the reader on his or her journey. There is a link provided if interested in purchasing my book, and will transfer you to my “Different Child” web site.

Please remember that we are all born unique individuals with our very own unique life experiences. Even though these experiences may be similar to those of other people, there are differences which make them unique to each person. So it is very important that all people uses their own gift of free will to decide for themselves as to their own unique point of view. Listen, look, read and learn, but make up your own mind.

In the years since, ARG has expanded and conducts extensive research not only into the UFO/abduction phenomenon, but also into a wide variety of other areas dealing with the paranormal realm. There is evidence that suggests that the abduction phenomenon is related to ghosts, ESP, poltergeist activity, telekinesis, life after death experiences, astrology, dimensional beings, time shifts and time travel and spiritual enlightenment to name just a few.

The ARG web site provides helpful links to other web sites that deal more extensively with these other areas. ARG welcomes submission stories, strange photos, drawings, etc dealing with unusual phenomena. Please feel free to contact Sandy Nichols.